Flourish // Perish

After having released their critically acclaimed debut Native Speaker in 2011, and hot off the heels of their 12" single In Kind // AmendsBraids have returned with their new LP Flourish // Perish out August 20th on Arbutus Records. After 18 months of touring in support of Native Speaker, along with the departure of a band member, the group secluded themselves in their Montreal studio for a year of writing and recording. While Native Speaker was written in an organic and live environment, the group sought to explore a more introspective and electronic approach to songwriting. Sonically, the songs from these sessions are delicate and tight, yet thoughtfully open up to the rich lushness reminiscent of their older material. Lyrically they are honest and vulnerable, demonstrating the group's emotional growth and maturity since their last record. With Flourish // PerishBraids marks an exciting new partnership with Montreal-based label Arbutus Records.

"If Montreal indie rockers Braids' debut Native Speaker drew its power from being the proverbial tip of the iceberg, Flourish // Perish is the iceberg itself, impressive and monolithic. It’s an interesting and daring turn for Braids, retaining the complicated, prog-like arrangements of their past while working within the textures of IDM and minimal techno." Pitchfork 7.1/10


1. Victoria 
2. Fruend 
3. December 
4. Hossak
5. Girl
6. Together
7. Ebben 
8. Amends
9. Juniper 
10. In Kind