The Letting Go

Vinyl LP

The Letting Go was recorded in Iceland with Bjork producer Valgeir Sigurdsson. The glacial, dramatic and epic surroundings have influenced the record, drenching it in longing and passion.

The album includes backing vocals from Dawn 'The Faun' Mccarthy of Drag City labelmates Faun Fables, bass from Billy's brother Paul Oldham, guitar riffs from Emmett Kelly (the Cairo Gang), and percussion from the Dirty Three's Jim White. 'The Letting Go' is full of tenderness, vulnerability and lavish orchestrations, not to mention pure, unadulterated beauty, it's a gentle triumph that defies the widely-held belief that only woe, misery and trampled hearts translate to songwriting of substance.


1. Love Comes To Me
2. Strange Form Of Life
3. Wai
4. Cursed Sleep
5. No Bad News
6. Cold & Wet
7. Big Friday 
8. Lay And Love
9. The Seedling
10. Then The Letting Go
11. God's Small Song 
12. I Called You Back
13. [untitled Track]