Expired Candy (Vinyl LP, Blue)

Vinyl LP (Blue)



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Your new favourite Australian underground gems, Body Type are back with their hotly anticipated second album ‘Expired Candy’. Body Type assert there's no time like the present and speaking to its imminent release, they reveal "Expired Candy is filled with hope, love, and danger, dancing with delicious uncertainty. In pursuit of joy we dreamed up songs about mothers, sisters, dogs, nans; family tantrums, forward motion, falling in love, platonic or romantic, with someone or self. Heart breaks, tooth will shatter, but she'll be there when it really matters. Flirty, feral and defiant, just how we like it. From our wild heart to yours, Body Type.”Following recent national tours supporting Fontaines D.C and the Pixies, the first peek of Expired Candy arrives with ‘Miss The World’. Born out of their time during COVID, 'Miss the World' is a pummelling lament, concerned with citizens’ unquestioning compliance and the ascent of tyrants, told through pre-teen anarchists, bichon frises, and a drum beat based on a Gwen Stefani song. Acting less as a commentary on the pandemic but rather the realisations, both personal and collective that occurred during that time. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Sophie McComish shares, “Yeah, yeah, on face value this is a COVID song. But more than that, it's an ode to the realisations, personal and collective, that occurred during that time. Realisations about society, culture, values, the things that matter, the parts we play. At the end of the day, the world is totally absurd and many things make very little sense when you think about them too hard. But we gotta squeeze these little brains of ours and do the thinking, realise the realisations. Complacency is dangerous, passion is contagious.”

  1. Holding On 
  2. Summer Forever
  3. Weekend 
  4. Tread Overhead
  5. Sha la La
  6. Creation of Man
  7. Miss the World 
  8. Anti-romancer
  9. Beat You Up
  10. Albion Park
  11. Expired Candy
  12. Dream Girls
  13. Shake Yer Memory