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Aaron Dilloway operates as a solo artist, but collaborates ceaselessly, whether as a former member of Wolf Eyes or in innumerable other contexts. Body/Head is the duo of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace. Nace has charted an iconoclastic trajectory as a freewheeling improviser and composer on his own and in group settings. Gordon, best known as a member of Sonic Youth, was always active outside that band during its existence and continues to expand her tireless horizons since its dissolution.

To put it plain, on Body/Dilloway/Head there are guitars and vocals and magnetic tape and amplification. These elements interact with the aid of effects machines. But the technical aspects of how it was crafted matter not a whit. Plus, any attempt to describe the nature of this particular collaboration is fraught. It’s impossible to say where lines might get drawn, because there simply aren’t any. Even the boundaries between processing and playing are erased. Every time it sounds like Aaron Dilloway processing Body/Head, you blink or turn your head and it sounds like Body/Head playing Aaron Dilloway. You can sift back through the tributaries of this formidable collective discography and be just as flummoxed. The similarities and the distinctions are endless. It’s impossible to tell where one stops and the other starts.

Matt Krefting


1. Body/Erase
2. Goin' Down
3. Secret Cuts