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All grown up but showing no signs of embracing the trappings of middle age, Blur reunite and return on the brilliant new album The Ballad of Darren. As Pitchfork recently wrote, “ This is the Blur you really remember, in all their delinquent glory”. It’s fantastic to hear these four do what they do best, and hot off the heels of some of their biggest shows ever, these charming men have shot straight back to the top of our pops. - Flying Out

One of the most successful British bands of the last 3 decades, Blur are back with their first new album in over 8 years: The Ballad of Darren. The album was produced by James Ford and recorded in Studio 13, London and Devon, and is the sound of a band at the very top of their game. 

The Ballad of Darren is the band’s ninth studio album, their first since the chart-topping The Magic Whip in 2015, with artwork featuring an image by British photographer Martin Parr.  


1 The Ballad 
2 St Charles Square
3 Barbaric
4 Russian Strings
5 The Everglades (For Leonard)
6 The Narcissist 
7 Goodbye Albert
8 Far Away Island
9 Avalon
10 The Heights