Blue Flames EP (Vinyl 7")

Vinyl 7"

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Last year, Ace were delighted to include the Blue Flames’ Orange Street on A Snapshot In Time CD compilation. This track was originally released on the R&B label back in October 1963 as the B-side to J.A. Blues. In December 1963, another Blue Flames 7” was released by R&B featuring Stop Right There and Rik’s Tune.

The reason why these four tracks were instrumentals was due to bandleader Georgie Fame inking a deal with Columbia before they were recorded. His manager deemed it unwise to let his distinctive voice loose outside the confines of live venues like the Flamingo. Thus, he sang on the first Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames 7” Do The Dog that appeared in January 1964. The Blue Flames 7” singles are highly collectable and sought out by lovers of early R&B and the proto-Mod sound as well as those who take their pleasure in the ska beat of Orange Street.

Despite being released nearly half a century ago, no one has actually reissued them on vinyl. It seemed like a no-brainer for Ace to combine them on this Blue Flames EP. When it came to packaging, Ace licensed the cover photo of Georgie directly from the legendary Val Wilmer, who snapped him all those years ago. Dean Rudland also tips his hat in the liner notes to the story beyond the recordings. To say that these four tracks sound amazing is an understatement - these Blue Flames are cooking on gas.


1. JA Blues
2. Orange Street
3. Stop Right Here
4. Rik's Tune

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