Dropper (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP


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This very special young Wellington quartet turned out to be one of our favourite surprises at the most recent Others Way festival. Now, having just released their debut album Dropper digitally, the band are all set to unveil the vinyl version. Their name might give you clues to the inspiration for their sound, but if you're looking for nice loud guitars with impassioned vocals, you've got a brilliant option in Bleeding Star - Flying Out

Bleeding Star is Jude Savage, Carlos Bellamy, Kindekel Banda- Moyes and Otis Hill. Inspired by the long marriage of melody and noise they deliver a set of carefully considered cuts that are disarmingly raw and intuitively crafted. Bleeding Star have been fortunate enough to be on some choice bills including a performance supporting Daffodils and The Lazy Eyes. They were also the band was voted #1 on Wellington’s Radio Active for their home bedroom recorded demo “February”. Bleeding Star are moving from strength to strength…and quickly. Don’t let their relative youth cause you any doubt. This young outfit play with a maturity beyond their years and deliver with an unflinching point of view. Much of their music acts as a catharsis for these four friends. Guitarist Otis Hill continues to battle a rare cancer and motivated by embracing every opportunity they can get their hands on, these four are destined to make you sit up and listen.


  1. Be Your Ghost
  2. Endless Summer 
  3. Why Do Parties Have to Be So Loud? 
  4. Poison in You
  5. All I Need 
  6. For Now
  7. Paper Thin
  8. February 
  9. Cancer 
  10. Dropper