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Illegals in Heaven - Flying Out


Illegals in Heaven

Bedroom Sucks

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Brisbane four-piece, with a knack for blossoming pop hooks, are back with their follow up totheir2014 release Grassed Inn, which was shortlisted for an Australian Music Prize.

llegals in Heaven sees Blank Realm relocate their sound from the outback toilet into a crumbling, many-roomed mansion. Never sitting on a particular style for too long, Illegals is a restless yet unified journey into the Australian mystic. The band are increasingly delving into meta-physical and obscurist topics, but the achieved result is as catchy as ever.

Hook-laden throughout, itoffers up freaked out reflections on life, love and circumstance. As knowing as the Chills or the Pretenders, loner ballads are as gnarled and world weary as Dylan in a cacophony, with hints of Wireand TheTriffids.Despite these multitudinous echoes, it is safe tosay that there is nothing like Blank Realm.Long may they stay free.

Artist: Blank Realm
Title: Illegals In Heaven
Cat #: BSR063
Label: Bedroom Suck Records
Year: 2015
Format: LP + CD

Track List:

A1. No Views on It
A2. River of Longing
A3. Cruel Night
A4. Costume Drama
A5. Dream Date
B1. Flowers in Mind
B2. Gold
B3. Palace of Love
B4. Too Late Now

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