Collected by Itself: 2006-2009

Vinyl 2LP

This release compiles long out-of-print singles, EPs, cassette and compilation tracks from the Blank Dogs archive. Not a complete representation, but a wide breadth of the material recorded from this period that was not released on a full-length albums i.e. On Two Sides or Under and Under. All the material is prior to the Phrases and Land and Fixed era, prior to the increase in fidelity, during a time when Blank Dogs operated under the hazy gauze of mystery and imperfect yet melodic noise. Consider it a parting shot to that period of the project.

Note: None of this material has ever been on CD, and some of it never before on vinyl, completely remastered.


1. Leaving The Light On
2. Slow Room
3. Two Months
4. Before The Hours 
5. Keeping All The Time
6. Freezing Styles 
7. 1480 Fox 
8. The Tied 
9. She's Violent Tonight
10. Dismorphobia 
11. The Doorbell Fire 
12. The Other Way 
13. Calling Over 
14. Yellow Mice Sleep 
15. Outside Alarmer 
16. Waiting 
17. My House Is Red 
18. Butler Hospital 
19. Poison Ivy 
20. Scenes From A New Town 
21. Anywhere 
22. They Said 
23. Ages Ago 
24. Mirror Lights
25. Splitting
26. Leaves 
27. Stuck Inside The World