Reunion (Vinyl 3LP)

Vinyl 3LP

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‘Reunion’ featured the original line-up of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, together for the first time since the 1978 album ‘Never Say Die’.

The album also featured two new studio recordings, ‘Psycho Man’ and ‘Selling My Soul’. Those songs have been remixed by Danny Saber. Reunion’ was recorded over two nights on 4 and 5 December 1997 in the Black Sabbath hometown of Birmingham, UK.


  1. War Pigs
  2. Behind The Wall of Sleep
  3. N.I.B.
  4. Fairies Wear Boots
  5. Electric Funeral
  6. Sweet Leaf
  7. Spiral Architect
  8. Into The Void
  9. Snowblind
  10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  11. Orchid/Lord of This World
  12. Dirty Women
  13. Black Sabbath
  14. Iron Man
  15. Children Of The Grave
  16. Paranoid
  17. Psycho Man
  18. Selling My Soul
  19. Psycho Man (Danny Saber Remix)
  20. Selling My Soul (Danny Saber Remix)




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