Talking Heads

Rough Trade


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Alongside black midi’s recent single “Crow’s Perch”, “Talking Heads” is being released as a AA-side 12”.

Black Midi is comprised of Geordie Greep (vocals/guitar), Cameron Picton (bass/vocals), Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin (guitar/vocals) and Morgan Simpson (drums). The repartee between the quartet is quiet but quick and laconic. It’s a connection reflected in the intensely focused and driven live shows with which black midi have made their name, drawing comparisons to American groups like Shellac, but that’s only half the story to this deeply uncategorisable music. They bonded over shared musical enthusiasms, or "liking messed up things" as Kwasniewski-Kelvin puts it, including an appreciation for rapper Danny Brown, Death Grips, Deerhoof, Miles Davis and Talking Heads.