Hit Me Hard And Soft (Vinyl LP, Sea Blue)


May 24, 2024

Vinyl LP (Sea Blue)
Forever flipping expectations - and the industry - upside down, Billie Eilish has shucked the trend of dropping surprise albums by teasing her third record for bloody ages, then when finally announcing it with a cryptic trailer, telling us next to nothing about it! No singles will be released ahead of the album's arrival next month, and Eilish has stated there will be "limited variants" available, calling out the recent phenomenon of releasing multiple vinyl versions of the same album as wasteful. What we do know is that the album was co-produced with her brother and collaborator Finneas, and that it's going to be amazing. We're excited, you're excited, who doesn't love a bit of mystery with their music? - Flying Out

Billie Eilish’s third studio album, Hit me Hard and Soft, released via Darkroom / Interscope Records is her most daring body of work to date, a diverse yet cohesive collection of songs— ideally listened to in its entirety from beginning to end—does exactly as the album title suggests; hits you hard and soft both lyrically and sonically, while bending genres and defying trends along the way. With the help of her brother and sole collaborator, Finneas, the pair wrote, recorded, and produced the album together in their hometown of Los Angeles. This album comes on the heels of her two massively successful albums When We All Fall Asleep, Where do We Go? and Happier Than Ever and works to further develop the world of Billie Eilish.

Tracklist TBC