Fountain Fire

Drag City

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Fountain Fire is Bill MacKay's second solo album on Drag City.

The Chicago-based guitarist's continued sonic journeys in conversation with himself follow a travel-worn map written in his own hand. Bill has followed the trail from familiar confines to unknown places, catalyzing a style equally enamoured with the traditional and the avant-garde to make his most expansive and forceful music to date.

Bill's pieces are informed by meditation and memory, impressionistic as cinematic miniatures, inspired as much by film and literary passions as by sure-playing hands, and always rooted with deep soul and steady intention. As the pieces move in and out of focus in enticingly hallucinogenic fashion, Bill throws another element into play: a pair of stark and emotionally-charged vocal numbers that cause the hair to raise on the listener's neck, etched as they are with a haunting and eerie beauty.


1 Pre-California
2 Birds Of May
3 The Movie House
4 Man & His Panic
5 Welcome
6 Try It On
7 Arcadia
8 Dragon Country