Vinyl LP

With Keys, Bill and Nathan drive their folk contraption with intent and feeling, joy and solemnity. Images of wariness, wonder, anger, deliberation, forgiveness, trust, and devotion roll it forward into the unknown, a destination we can sense both players are happy to direct themselves. Eight of the featured songs are originals, with the other two coming from other centuries. The diversity of song is matched by the instrumentation: in addition to Bill’s guitar and Nathan’s banjo, they use voice, piano, percussion, pump organ, electric organ, and requinto to add space to the richness and rusticity, the traditional space of the compositions.

Keys is made of equal parts bluegrass, classical, country, gospel, improv and that ol' innocence and experience to boot.


Side A
1. Idumea
2. Honey Time
3. Late For Your Funeral Again
4. Dry Rations II
5. Joy Ride

Side B
1. I See God
2. Dry Rations I
3. Dowsing
4. Truth
6. The I In Silence