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Taking it back to where it all began for Adrienne Lenker, Buck Meek, and co, this debut album from Big Thief landed in 2016, announcing the band to the world in all its fully formed glory. Following a handful of solo and duo releases, the formidable pairing of Lenker 'n' Meek teamed up with a bass player and drummer and made it all official - and thank goodness they did. Featuring all-time fan favourites like Paul, Velvet Ring, and Vegas, Masterpiece now gets a much deserved reissue, this time as an eco-edition; pressed to randomly coloured recycled vinyl. - Flying Out

Masterpiece, Big Thief's debut album, is filled with characters and visceral narratives, songs that pivot in the space of a few words. Adrianne's voice and guitar playing speak of rich emotional territory with grace and insight. In her words, the record tracks "the masterpiece of existence, which is always folding into itself, people attempting to connect, to both shake themselves awake and to shake off the numbness of certain points in their life. The interpretations might be impressionistic or surrealistic, but they're grounded in simple things. Adrianne met her long time musical partner, guitarist and singer, Buck Meek, in Brooklyn a few years ago, and they quickly formed a creative bond tempered by the experience of traveling and performing for months on end in old dive bars, yards, barns, and basements together. They recorded a pair of duo albums (A-Sides and B-Sides), and Adrianne showcased her songs on a solo album, 'Hours Were The Birds'. Now, a full rock and roll band, with Buck on guitar, Max Oleartchik on bass, and James Krivchenia on drums, brings a steady wildness, giving the songs an even deeper layer of nostalgia. After spending last July in a studio on Lake Champlain with producer Andrew Sarlo, the resulting collection soars on what Big Thief fan Sharon Van Etten calls "... a real journey, with intelligent stories and twist-and-turn melodies."


  1. Little Arrow
  2. Masterpiece
  3. Vegas
  4. Real Love
  5. Interstate
  6. Lorraine
  7. Paul
  8. Humans
  9. Velvet Ring
  10. Animals
  11. Randy
  12. Parallels