First Aid Kit

Vinyl LP

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Vinyl LP pressing. "She can be a real pain in the ass," is how Big Blood's Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella describe having their daughter as a member of the band they formed in the wake of Cerberus Shoal's dissolution. A band made up of family seems like an ideal situation. You get to play with those you love, and practicing/recording is always just a matter of going into the next room. "If you don't have kids, I can imagine that is an obvious assumption," Caleb says. "However, if you do have children, I don't need to explain how much of an emotional mess this can be." Parents don't stop being parents, nor do kids stop being kids for band practice. "There are endless amounts of broader 'life' examples brought up at any given time while playing with Quinnisa, and I can't help stopping to discuss them as they come up," he says. He understands Quinnisa's position. "She's rightly annoyed at being parented in a 'judgment free' zone. Lots of practices end with her being tossed from the band."

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