Transmissions: The Music Of



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Throughout a fifty-year recording career, legendary singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn Copeland’s music has defied categorisation and genre, its only consistency being the extraordinary fusion of vision, technology, spirituality and place.

Now in his mid-70s, Glenn-Copeland was born into a musical family and studied classical piano listening to his father playing the piano four to five hours a day. He moved from his home-town of Philadelphia to study classical music at McGill University, Montreal in 1961 before he suddenly felt called to write music that would weave influences from the myriad musical cultures he had come to love.

This career-spanning collection of songs includes three previously unreleased tracks; ‘River Dreams’, written last year and released with the album announcement, the live versions of ‘Deep River’ and ‘Colour Of Anyhow’, in addition to studio tracks from his acclaimed masterpiece ‘Keyboard Fantasies’ and more. RIYL - Angel Bat Dawid, Mary Lattimore, Jon Hassell

1. La Vita
2. Ever New
3. Colour of Anyhow (CBC Q Live Version)
4. Deep River (Live At Le Guess Who?)
5. Don't Despair / 06. Durocher
7. River Dreams
8. This Side of Grace
9. Sunset Village
10. In the Image
11. A Little Talk
12. Montreal Main (The Buddha In The Palm)
13. Erzili