Betamax Vs Clive Bell

Vinyl LP

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After forming such formidable bands as ‘The Comet is Coming’ and ‘Soccer96’ Betamax has gone on to spawn a collection of esoteric spin offs such as ‘Champagne Dub’ and ‘Coma World’. He now delivers his latest record ‘Betamax vs Clive Bell’, this time choosing to collaborate with his own father, Clive Bell.

Clive, a veteran of London’s avant-garde, attempted to master in his youth the delicate art of the Shakuhachi - the infamously difficult-to-play bamboo flute that whiffs of a certain Japanese Zen aroma. After many years of travelling south east Asia in the 70s, seeking out the teachings of many flute and reed traditions, Clive Bell eventually gave up his quest and returned to London exhausted and confused. Horrified by the omnipresent egos of popular music, he was drawn back towards the dark currents of London’s free-improv gutter, where upon he was encouraged by his peers to live in a squat, and participate in abrasive noise experiments typical of the London improvising epidemic that persisted throughout the 80s.


  1. Luminosity Cuffs
  2. Bell Car 09
  3. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
  4. The Cylinder
  5. Jack It
  6. Ghost Peeler
  7. Super-Visions
  8. Sub-Vision  

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