Late Developers



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Surprise! Legendary Glasgow collective Belle and Sebastian return with a surprise album Late Developers.

Recorded in tandem with the acclaimed A Bit of Previousreleased in May, the album features twelve new songs that carry on the reflective and celebratory spirit of its predecessor, while also pushing the band into the world of contemporary pop unlike ever before with lead single “I Don’t Know What You See In Me”.

Late Developers takes you on a journey as the band floats through genres with ease – from the frantic opening track, into a legit all-out radio-ready dance party in the third quarter of the record which includes a Belle & Sebastian first, a co-write with young pop composer Pete Ferguson. They then unearth a 1994-era pre-Belle and Sebastian tune, with the help of Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell right before they bring you home at the end with a true bop.


  1. Juliet Naked
  2. Give A Little Time
  3. When We Were Very Young
  4. Will I Tell You A Secret
  5. So In The Moment
  6. The Evening Star
  7. When You're Not With Me
  8. I Don't Know What You See In Me
  9. Do You Follow
  10. When The Cynics Stare Back From The Wall
  11. Late Developers