Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often

Vinyl LP (Splatter)

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Quelle Chris fucks with himself. Most of the time. Honestly, it might depend on when and where you catch him. That’s to say that the Detroit representative is like the rest of us—surfing on waves of self-confidence, enduring periods of self-doubt, and searching for a sustainable balance.

The primary difference between Quelle and us is that he’s supremely gifted at rapping and producing. He’s funnier too—in the way that the best comedians are deceptively complex and prone to bouts of melancholy.  His new album, Being You is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often, is one of the most poignant, self-aware, and hilarious rap albums in recent memory. We should probably offer him some flowers, a case of expensive liquor, and cover the bill for the group therapy session.

For the Mello Music Group release, Quelle assembled a veritable hip-hop Justice League: Roc Marciano, Homeboy Sandman, Denmark Vessey, Jean Grae, Elzhi, Cavalier, et. al. Then there’s the production, mostly handled by Quelle, but aided by crucial assists from MNDGSN, Iman Omari, Chris Keys, Swarvy, and Alchemist.


01 Intro
02 Buddies (prod. Ayepee)
03 Popeye (feat. I, Ced) [prod. MNDGN]
04 In Case I Lose Myself (feat. Cavalier, Denmark Vessey, Goose) [prd. Iman Omari]
05 Fascinating Grass (feat. Big Tone, Roc Marciano, 87) (prod. Quelle Chris)
06 BS Vibes (feat. House Shoes) (prod. Chris Keys)
07 Dumb For Brains (feat. Cavalier) (prod. Quelle Chris)
08 Calm Before (feat. Cavalier, Suzi Analog) [prod. Quelle Chris]
09 The Prestige (feat. Jean Grae) [prod. Quelle Chris]
10 The Dreamer In The Den Of Wolves [prod. Quelle Chris]
11 I'm That NI#%A (feat. Denmark Vessey) [prod. Chris Keys]
12 Birthdaze (prod. Swarvy)
13 Learn To Love Hate (prod. Ched Biscuits)
14 It's Great To be (feat. Bilal Salaam) (prod. Chris Keys)
15 Encore
16 Don't Get Changed (feat. Denmark Vessey & Elzhi) [prod. Quelle Chris)
17 Pendulum Swing (feat. Homeboy Sandman) [prod. Alchemist]

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