Left Hand (Milky Clear Vinyl LP)

Milky Clear Vinyl LP

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Nashville-based indie songwriter Becca Mancari's 2020 album The Greatest Part was, and still is, one of those albums you throw on when nothing else will scratch a certain itch. Equal parts joyful and wistful, intelligent and pop-catchy, Mancari's knack for immediacy while maintaining their uniqueness has never been stronger than on brand new album Left Hand. While the sound here is one of fierce independence, it can't hurt that a few friends show up to help out, including Julien Baker (boygenius), Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), and Zac Farro of Paramore. Give this one a chance. - Flying Out

Since moving to Nashville to start their music career in 2012, Becca Mancari has been lauded for their dextrous songwriting and prodigious guitar playing. Their sophomore album The Greatest Part, released in 2020, was an indie rock opus that garnered acclaim from The New York Times, NPR, and more. After it's release, however, Mancari was despairing. An illness in their family, coupled with a realization that their alcohol dependency had become untenable, led Mancari to begin the hard work of taking ownership of their existence by mending broken relationships and investing in their mental health. "I didn't realize it then, but looking back, I was a passenger in my own life," Mancari says. The transformative period of self-reckoning was the catalyst that ultimately steered Mancari to write and produce their triumphant new album, Left Hand.
While Left Hand came out of a dark period in Mancari's life, the album is anything but. Wide- open and welcoming, the music beckons all listeners, encouraging community among strangers. On the album, Mancari asserts a radical self-acceptance. The propulsive track It's Too Late binds this new album to the hypnotic rhythms of The Greatest Part, and while the lyrics chronicle personal tragedy ("I almost drove off the road that night/ Did you know I almost did it so many times?") the bass-driven groove is undeniable, luring us deeper into the album. The bold admission is but one example of the intimacy experienced throughout the record, suggesting that music, too, has been a part of their growth and healing expedition.


1. Don’t Even Worry
2. Homesick Honeybee
3. Over and Over
4. Don’t Close Your Eyes
5. Mexican Queen
6. Left Hand
7. It’s Too Late
8. Eternity
9. I Had A Dream
10. I Needed You
11. You Don’t Scare Me
12. To Love The Earth

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