Tyranny of Distance

Vinyl LP (Blue)
Listen to that, can you hear it? Yes, an eerie silence, with only whispers of wind at your window. The sound of calm nothing. Relish this moment, because soon - very soon - there is a day coming on which you will never know silence again. Yes, there's a new Beastwars album coming! This time around, the powerful Pōneke pummellers return with an album of covers of Aotearoa's anthems of the underbelly, a kind of Nature's Best from Hell... We can guarantee you never dreamed in your most vicious nightmares that you'd hear Beastwars offering up their own versions of Nadia Reid, Marlon Williams, or Julia Deans... but by Odin's beard it's amazing. The apocalypse surely is nigh, for even The 3Ds, The Gordons, and Snapper have their sacred songs plundered in the name of Metal. YES! - Flying Out

Tyranny of Distance is a collection of songs sharing the common themes of despair, loneliness and existential frustration, plus a song recounting the story of an illicit drug-fueled party, albeit with a twist. Tyranny of Distance is also a covers album spanning 40 years of New Zealand songs. The Gordons, Superette, Snapper, Marlon Williams, Children's Hour, Nadia Reid, Julia Deans and 3Ds all have their songs contorted and distorted, riffs extracted and mutated. These are powerful songs in their own right, but Tyranny of Distance gives them fiery new life to become something distinctly "Beastwars".


  1. Identity [The Gordons Cover]
  2. Waves  [Superette Cover]
  3. Emmanuelle [Snapper Cover]
  4. Dark Child [Marlon Williams Cover]
  5. Looking for the Sun [Children's Hour Cover]
  6. High and Lonely [Nadia Reid Cover]
  7. We Light Fire [Julia Deans Cover]
  8. Spooky [3Ds Cover]