The Ways We Separate


Beacon's debut album The Ways We Separate both consolidates and develops these ideas. The album focuses, as the title suggests, on the idea of separation, both within the context of relationships and in a more intimate, psychological sense. As Thomas Mullarney explains, "The narrative contained inside The Ways We Separate deals with two kinds of separation: one where two entities grow apart, and the other where we grow apart from ourselves. Over the course of a relationship, the two sometimes happen together, one being the result of the other."

"Over their short existence, this Brooklyn-based duo has staked out its own corner of the R&B reinvention by imbuing pristinely constructed, slow-burning ballads with the darkness of trip-hop. Their debut album surveys the romantic wreckage that is emotional decay and guilt." Pitchfork 6.8/10


1. Bring You Back 
2. Feeling's Gone 
3. Between The Waves 
4. Drive 
5. Overseer 
6. Late November 
7. Studio Audience 
8. Headlights 
9. Anthem 
10. Split in Two
11. Feeling's Gone (Extended Version)