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Natasha Khan, known to us earthly mortals as Bat For Lashes, is back with her most intensely personal project yet. The Dream of Delphi chronicles the experiences Khan, represented here with the character of the Motherwitch, had while pregnant and giving birth to her daughter Delphi during the Covid-19 lockdown. Sink yourself into the lush new single, the title track, and check out the video in which Bat For Lashes nicks Kate Bush's famous red dress and dances at dusk at the English ocean's edge. - Flying Out

The Dream Of Delphi’ is an ode to motherhood created in LA, Natasha’s second home, during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a sonic archive of a time when Natasha birthed her daughter Delphi earth side. The record weaves together ten song poems, documenting the polarity of navigating both an exterior world that was seemingly turning upside down, whilst also experiencing theprofoundly personal and transformational early moments of mothering Delphi, named after the Greek Oracle, the ancient future teller. The music became Natasha’s sanctuary, born out of stolen trips to the studio, where each track was improvised and completed in a few hours and chronologises her diary like offerings over a period of two years; from “TheMidwives Have Left”; to writing a “Letter To My Daughter”; and all the way through to “Waking up”, as well as a cover of her daughter’s favourite song, “Home”.

  1. The Dream Of Delphi
  2. Christmas Day
  3. Letter To My Daughter
  4. At Your Feet
  5. The Midwives Have Left
  6. Home
  7. Breaking Up
  8. Delphi Dancing
  9. Her First Morning
  10. Waking Up
  11. The Dream Of Delphi (Extended Strings Version)

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