Woot!" is the Word (Vinyl LP, Royal Blue)

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Vinyl LP (Royal Blue)



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One of the lesser known, but no less brilliant, acts to emerge from Christchurch in the early 80s was Ballon D'Essai, whose arthouse post-punk approach saw them stand out from the crowd. With two hard-to-find early 80s EPs and a 1986 cassette compilation previously released, this new compilation collates the band's ten "greatest hits", remastered and revived, and pressed to royal blue vinyl. But that's not all, oh no, there's also a Ballon D'Comic and a Ballon D'Sticker included for your perusing pleasure. - Flying Out


1. Peanut Butter Jar2. War Effort3. Artificial Romance4. Isolation5. Armchair Tourist6. Smash Crash7. Why?8. Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?9. He Who Kills10. Love Is Dead

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