Baile de Mascaras (Jamz Supernova and Sam Interface Edit) (Vinyl 12")

Vinyl 12"

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This release is a story of serendipitous stars aligning. Having released Bala Desejo's anthemic single, Baile de Máscaras, back in May 2023, we could sense that we had a summer classic on our hands. We always thought that it had the potential to find fans in a dance music audience, and thanks to a fortuitous moment whilst listening to Gilles Peterson's radio show, we heard a mysterious "Jamz" edit of the track.

In a further twist of fate, the sensational DJ, producer, and radio presenter Jamz Supernova recently graced our Great Escape in-store event with a phenomenal DJ set. After some feverish digging and emailing to her team, we discovered that she was a fan of the original song and had made a personal edit to play in her DJ sets. Gilles had heard Jamz spinning the edit and asked for a copy, and by sheer coincidence and good fortune, it all fell into place : here is Jamz Supernova and Sam Interface edit and remix a future classic from Latin Grammy award-winning Bala Desejo. 


1. Baile de Máscaras (Jamz Supernova & Sam Interface Edit)
2. Baile de Máscaras (Jamz Supernova & Sam Interface Remix)

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