Bad Hagrid and the Planet of the Androgynites

Bad Hagrid

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Alternative-Progressive-Regressive-Banana Brained-Ankle Sprained-Hipster Sister-SYNTH-Pop four-piece band Bad Hagrid are here to take you on a sonic journey to the synthetic planes.
Bad Hagrid and The Planet Of The Androgynites takes you on a journey of the Bad Hagrid universe, exploring characters' stories, and showing you their light and dark sides. It's is an emotional roller-coaster delving into the lives of each character and reviving their relationships with one another.

Track List:
01. Space
02. Blessed Is She
03. Mumble and Stumble
04. American Song
05. The Liger and The Fisherman
06. Aubergine
07. The Baker
08. Rose
09. The Liger
10. The Fisherman
Bird Song