Aguia Nao Come Mosca


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Golden-era, 1977, Brazilian jazz-funk-fusion album from the legendary Azymuth.

Lush Rhodes, soaring synths and fusion guitars from Malheiros and Bertrami combine with the inimitable drum grooves from Ivan “Mamao” Conti that create the signature Azymuth sound.

The album moves from mellow soulful moods, into screaming disco-jazz-fusion, samba funk, synth boogie and ends with a tough 160bpm Batucada workout.


  1. Vôo Sobre O Horizonte 
  2. Águia Não Come Mosca 
  3. Despertar 
  4. Tarde 
  5. Circo Marimbondo 
  6. Tamborim, Cuíca, Ganzá, Berimbau 
  7. A Presa
  8. A Caça 
  9. Falcon Love Call (Armazém No. 2) 
  10. Águia Negra X Dragão Negro 

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