Music For The Vitriolic Age

Vinyl 12"
Haven returns with their second EP with a split between Italian metalhead Ayarcana and resident Keepsakes.

Ayarcana kicks off the A-side with Face Struck With An Axe, featuring chugging guitar-like synth work, tortured vocal wailings, and a monstrous kick, epitomising the Berlin-based producer’s combination between techno and metal. The A2 then picks up the tempo with rhythms reminiscent of metallic double kick poundings, a cheeky acid line and a dissonant noisy melody coming in the latter half of the track in the Italian producer’s ‘Conflict’.

Keepsakes begins the flip with the screeching Transylvanian synth line, thumping drums, and creepy atmosphere of Populist Piss Pot. The B2 closes out the EP with the Haven co-founder’s Narcissists From Space, hammering out crunchy, rolling drums and spacey, ethereal synth work leading to noisy break-downs that make you wonder ‘what would that social media obsessed dickhead from the office be like if they were an extraterrestrial?’ Probably much the same - worth ignoring.


  1. Ayarcana - Face Struck With An Axe
  2. Ayarcana - Conflict 
  3. Keepsakes - Populist Piss Pot 
  4. Keepsakes - Narcissists From Space