Avantdale Bowling Club Lyric Book


18-page lyric book featuring lyrics from Avantdale Bowling Club (self-titled album), with artwork by Jacobyikes and layout by Charlotte McCrae.

It's an inarguable fact that rapper Tom Scott is the unofficial poet laureate for a generation of New Zealand hip-hop fans. His work with Homebrew@Peace, and Average Rap Band has seen him winning accolades left, right, and centre, but it's the Avantdale Bowling Club project that has elevated Scott to his headiest heights yet. He's won both a Taite Award and Best Album at the Aotearoa Music Awards, and both the self-titled record and the recent TREES have been subject to some seriously high praise. Now, both records are getting the boutique lyric book treatment, with the 18-page Avantdale Bowling Club book featuring artwork from Jacobyikes, and the 20-page TREES being accompanied by visuals from Ken Griffen. Both are out, of course, through YGB.