Vinyl LP
Automatic’s second album Excess rides the imaginary edge where the ‘70s underground met the corporate culture of the ‘80s – or, as the band puts it, “That fleeting moment when what was once cool quickly turned and became mainstream, all for the sake of consumerism.” Using this point in time as a lens through which to view the present moment, Excess takes aim at corporate culture and extravagance. The overarching themes of alienation and escapism emerged as Automatic put Excess together, taking writing retreats to flesh out the new songs before decamping to the studio for sprint recording sessions with producer Joo Joo Ashworth (Sasami, FROTH).


  1. New Beginning
  2.  On The Edge
  3.  Skyscraper
  4.  Realms
  5.  Venus Hour 
  6. Automaton
  7.  Teen Beat
  8.  NRG
  9. Lucy
  10. Turn Away