At The Controls of Dub - Rare Dubs 1979-1980

Vinyl LP

Scientist’s name will be found on many dub releases in peoples record colections. His connection to King Tubby is inseperable and many would say that when dub had fallen on quiter times it was Scientist who breathed new life into it. His paired down mixing style suited the new danchall reggae sound that came as the 70s rolled into the 80s. Such was his stature that albums were now sold with his name on their jacket, Scientist vs Prince Jammy and Scientist meets the Space Invaders to name but two. Here Jamaican Recordings have compiled some tuff tracks from that same period, before everything went digital.


1. Mr Babylon Dub
2. Never Trouble Dub
3. Light and Dub
4. Time and Place for Dub
5. Wah Dah Dub
6. The Greatest Dub
7. Mr Landlord Dub
8. Stop Spreading Dub
9. Bad Boy Dub
10. Bad Posse Dub
11. Undying Dub
12. Joker Dub
13. Eveready Dub
14. Heavenless Dub
15. Moving Away to Dub
16. Take a Dub