Vinyl LP

Fittingly for such a skilled lyricist, the title of Mirah's latest solo album, (a)spera, is a play on the Latin words "asperak," which means "adversity" and "a spera," which translates as "hope." And it's between the fine lines of this double entendre that the roots of this album begin to grow. It encompasses a range of ideas on a grand scale, as the listener wades through her candid musings on unrealised love, death, the nature of time, emotional suffering, and the shedding of material wants.


  1. Generosity 3:43
  2. The World Is Falling Apart 5:00
  3. Education 5:18
  4. Shells 2:31
  5. The Country Of The Future 3:43
  6. The Forest 3:30
  7. Gone Are The Days 3:40
  8. The River 7:49
  9. Bones And Skin 3:12
  10. While We Have The Sun