Overworld (Reissue)

Vinyl LP (Blue Vinyl)

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STAFF PICK "An absolute charmer of ambient/new age album. Perfect all the time, any time" Sophie

**Numero reissue this sought-after gem from 2014!**

New-age, house and 80s style funk lap at the edges of the music of A.R.T. Wilson - the Australian producer also known as Andras Fox

Originally composed for a contemporary dance piece, and previously released only on cassette, Overworld is a set of sublime and wonderful synth and drum machine soundscapes, deeply chilled, and drawing on natural beauty.

  1. Overworld
  2. Rebecca's Theme (Water)
  3. Sun Sign Cancer
  4. Janine's Theme (Earth)
  5. House in the Garden
  6. Rachel's Theme (Fire)
  7. Sun Sign Aries
  8. Akasha
  9. Sarah's Theme (Air)
  10. Past Life Regression

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