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Vinyl 2LP (Purple)

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New York City-based rappers Billy Woods and Elucid revive their acclaimed collaboration Armand Hammer for their biggest work yet. Packed with plenty of high-profile guest spots from the likes of JPEGMAFIA, EL-P, Kenny Segal, Black Noi$e, Preservation, DJ Haram, Child Actor, Sebb Bash, August Fanon, and more. ‘We Buy Diabetic Test Strips’ proves that despire both releasing critically acclaimed solo albums they save some special magic for when they join up in the studio. - Flying Out

The album features guest appearances from Junglepussy, Soul Glo’s Pierce Jordan, Curly Castro, Cavalier, and Moor Mother. The album features live instrumentation (including flute from the Comet is Coming’s Shabaka Hutchings) and production from JPEGMAFIA, EL-P, Kenny Segal, Black Noi$e, Preservation, August Fanon, Steel Tipped Dove, Child Actor and Sebb Bash.
  1. Landlines (Produced by Jpegmafia)
  2. Woke up and Asked Siri How I’m Gonna Die (Produced by Jpegmafia)
  3. The Flexible Unreliability of Time and Memory (Produced by Child Actor))
  4. When It Doesn’t Start With a Kiss (Produced by Jpegmafia & Pudge)
  5. I Keep a Mirror in My Pocket Feat. Cavalier (Produced by Preservation)
  6. Trauma Mic Feat. Pink Siifu (Produced by DJ Haram)
  7. Niggardly (Blocked Call) (Produced by August Fanon)
  8. The Gods Must Be Crazy (Produced by El-P)
  9. Y’all Can’t Stand Right Here Feat. Junglepussy & Moneynicca (Soul Glo) (Produced by Steel Tipped Dove & Messiah Musik)
  10. Total Recall (Produced by Kenny Segal)
  11. Empire Blvd Feat. Junglepussy & Curly Castro (Produced by Willie Green)
  12. Don’t Lose Your Job Feat. Pink Siifu & Moor Mother (Produced by Black Noi$E & Jeff Markey)
  13. Supermooned (Produced by DJ Haram & Elucid)
  14. Switchboard (Produced by Sebb Bash)
  15. The Key Is Under the Mat (Produced by Jpegmafia)

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