Journey (CD)


Their sound is timeless, unique and mature – a ‘sweet’ blend of funk, soul, hip hop and rap combined with their own distinct take on Polynesian groove rhythms – the Poly Fonk sound.

After 3 best-selling albums (‘Take A Chance’, ‘Influence’ & ‘Time’) and over 15 years of their unique and pioneering sound, Ardijah release the long-awaited album ‘Journey (Aere’anga)'.

‘Journey’ opens a whole new chapter for one of Aotearoa's most influential and groundbreaking bands. ‘Journey’ features collaborations with DJCXL, Jordan Luck and many more.

This album takes you on a ‘Journey’ of life's freedoms, identity, maturity, sweetness, love and laughter – the vocal melodies and harmonies are even richer, smoother and sexier than previous efforts.


  1. Word 2 Tha Mutha
  2. Watchin' U (Reggae) (Feat Wayz)
  3. Journey
  4. So Let's Parttay!
  5. Desire (Featuring Jordan Luck)
  6. Stay Wid Me
  7. Moonlighting
  8. Express Yo-Self
  9. Natural High
  10. Watchin' U (Poly Fonk Styles)
  11. We Came To Get Down
  12. Baby Don't U Leave