Here Comes Everybody

Vinyl LP

The beginning of Spacey Jane's astonishing success in Australia came behind closed doors. Debut album 'Sunlight', was received with the backdrop of a continuing lockdown in June 2020. The balance of introspective lyrics and hopeful, sun-kissed instrumentation struck a chord; it provided a guide with which to get through the current moment, as well as a glimpse of what could follow when it was all over. The universal adulation duly and deservedly followed for the Fremantle-based band - vocalist and guitarist Caleb Harper, bassist Peppa Lane, guitarist Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu and drummer & manager Kieran Lama. The handful of shows they have managed to play since, have welcomed the long-overdue in-person coronation of Australia's new stars.


1. Sitting Up
2. Lunchtime
3. Lots of Nothing
4. Clean My Car
5. Hardlight
6. It's Been a Long Day
7. Bothers Me
8. Not What You Paid for
9. Haircut
10. Head Above
11. Yet
12. Pulling Through