Land of No Junction

Vinyl LP


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As its title suggests, this sumptuous, riveting debut from the Irish songwriter Aoife Nessa Frances explores life’s challenges - the kinds of situations that have no clear solution or path forward.

Aoife Nessa Frances sets these unflinching examinations of existential roadblocks against a rich palette of crashing drums, sweeping guitars, dramatic strings, and her own cascading voice, providing a balm for the heartbreak at hand. She has a spectacular collaborator in multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Cian Nugent; together, they frame her world-weary narratives in a wide range of dazzling and detailed settings.

Cynics are often characterised as disgruntled optimists. Throughout Land of No Junction, Aoife Nessa Frances highlights both her aspirations, and her hurt, with a singular grace. Her magnificent songwriting only makes those peaks feel higher, and the valleys lower.