For Blood And Empire

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For Blood and Empire is the fifth studio album by American Punk band Anti-Flag, released in 2006. In this same year, the song "The Press Corpse" peaked 37 in the Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

Anti-Flag was conceived pissed-off at the government (among other subjects), and things sure hadn't cooled down with George W. and crew comfortably residing in the White House throughout the early 2000s.

As would be expected then, For Blood and Empire is boiling over with vehement anti-Bush attacks and confrontational lyrics that overwhelmingly target the war in Iraq.


  1. I'd Tell You But ...
  2. The Press Corpse
  3. Emigre
  4. The Project For A New American Century
  5. Hymn For The Dead
  6. This Is The End (For You My Friend)

  7.  1 Trillion Dollar$
  8. State Funeral
  9. Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man
  10. War Sucks, Let's Party
  11. The W.T.O. Kills Farmers /
  12. Cities Burn
  13. Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime