Light, Dark, Light Again (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

To make her new album, Light, Dark, Light Again, Angie McMahon had to walk through the fire. The Melbourne singer-songwriter’s second LP was written from the ashes of a tough but transformative few years of relationship changes, private breakdowns and core-shaking revelations about self. At times, McMahon felt like falling apart. But instead, she pushed through and found that hope, joy and relief lies on the other side of pain.

Light, Dark, Light Again is a record about facing the fear and learning it can be a portal to something bigger and better. It finds that the only certainty in life is that everything ends, and everything begins again – that there is life and death and life again, that there is light and dark and light again.


1. Saturn Returning
2. Fireball Whiskey
3. Fish
4. Letting Go
5. Divine Fault Line
6. Mother Nature
7. Black Eye
8. Exploding
9. I Am Already Enough
10. Serotonin
11. Staying Down Low
12. Music's Coming In
13. Making It Through