Death Jokes (Vinyl 2LP, Clear)

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Vinyl 2LP (Clear)



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Here in the store, we’ve loved watching folks discover Amen Dunes across the years. With each new album new fans arrive, elated to discover the hidden history and back catalogue of songwriter Damon McMahon. Death Jokes marks a stylistic departure of sorts for the project, with samples, electronics, and a pivot in lyrical direction pointing to a refreshed headspace and more politically engaged approach. New fans, we can’t wait for you to tumble down this rabbit hole, and you faithful existing fans have got a glorious surprise on your hands too. - Flying Out

Amen Dunes has always worked with an outsider’s verve, but as he approached his seventh album in fall 2019, it was clear to Damon McMahon that he needed to become an outsider to his own history. “I was tired of the music I’d become convinced I had to limit myself to.” Instead of embarking on a familiar project, he decided to become a beginner again, immersing himself in the fundamentals of both piano and the electronic music he’d grown up with at raves and clubs but never imagined himself able to make. Few Amen Dunes fans might have perceived the lasting effect such music had on his work, but with Death Jokes, these influences would become clear. This album also marks a change in thematic focus; through samples and lyrics, Damon is much more directly critiquing the way American culture exalts violence, coercion, and groupthink as societal inevitabilities.


1 Death Jokes
2 Ian
3 Joyrider
4 What I Want
5 Rugby Child
6 Boys
7 Exodus
8 Predator
9 Solo Tape
10 Purple Land
11 I Don't Mind
12 Mary Anne
13 Round the World
14 Poor Cops

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