Kinder der Sonne

It's always a pleasure around these parts to get an album from Carsten Nicolai as Alva Noto, and 'Kinder der Sonne' is no exception. Composed as the score for Simon Stone's theatre piece ‘Komplitzen', it stands alone as a deeply immersive, absorbing ambient soother in its own right. We're not entirely sure how the humans on stage managed to stay vertical while this was playing as it's the sort of ultra-chill, tranquil and hazy ambient work heard in his Xerrox series, traversing dark and light, tension and release.


  1. Kinder der Sonne - Intro
  2. Verlauf
  3. Die Untergründigen
  4. Sehnsuchtsvoll
  5. Ungewissheit im Sinus
  6. Kinder der Sonne - Reprise
  7. Unwohl
  8. Sehnsuchtsvoll - Reverso
  9. Aufstand
  10. Virus
  11. Son
  12. Nie anhaltender Strom