Protégé of Ali Farka Toure, singer, composer and guitarist Afel Bocoum steps out of the shadows with a heady and laid-back debut - Alkibar. Recorded on the banks of the river Niger, Bocoum's mesmerising vocals, backed by his acoustic group, have produced music reflecting the vast horizons, swirling colours and timelessness of the river Niger.

RIYL Bunea Vista Social Club, Idrissa Soumaoro 


1. Alasidi 
2. Jaman Moro 
3. Buribalal 
4. Jeeny
5. Dofana II 
6. Yarabitala 
7. Haira Yo 
8. Salam Aleikum 
9. Cim Kayna
10. Mali Woymoyo