Vinyl 2LP


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Keys offers a dual, one-of-a-kind sonic experience.

The Originals version contains all new songs that are quintessentially Alicia, reminiscent of the ground-breaking soundscape that everyone has come to know and love since her debut.

The Unlocked version heightens the listening experience as Alicia samples her Keys originals with the help of Grammy Award winning producer Mike WiLL Made-It for a fresh, irresistible vibe.

This 26-track double album features guest appearances from Khalid & Lucky Daye on Come For Me (Unlocked), Lil Wayne on Nat King Cole (Unlocked), Brandi Carlile on Paper Flowers (Originals), Pusha T on Plentiful (Originals) and Swae Lee on LALA (Unlocked).


Side A

  1. Plentiful (Originals)
  2. Skydive (Originals)
  3. Best Of Me (Originals)
  4. Dead End Road (Originals)
  5. Is It Insane (Originals)

Side B

  1. Billions (Originals)
  2. Love When You Call My Name (Originals)
  3. Only You (Originals)
  4. Daffodils (Originals)
  5. Old Memories (Originals)
  6. Nate King Cole (Originals)

Side C

  1. Only You (Unlocked)
  2. Skydive (Unlocked)
  3. Best Of Me (Unlocked)
  4. LALA (Unlocked)
  5. Nat King Cole (Unlocked) feat. Lil Wayne

Side D

  1. Is It Insane (Unlocked)
  2. Come for Me (Unlocked) feat. Khalid & Lucky Daye
  3. Old Memories (Unlocked)
  4. Love When You Call My Name (Unlocked)
  5. Daffodils (Unlocked)