Country Agenda


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Stereogum review:

Alex Bleeker is largely known as the bassist for Real Estate, but that only partially hints towards the pastoral folk vibes of his strong new album Country Agenda. The project radiates with the love and legacy of the Grateful Dead, of which Bleeker has shown to be a devout fan. Despite the unmistakable influence of the aforementioned rock legends, Country Agenda is seasoned well enough to stand on its own. Back when we shared lead single “The Rest,” Chris offered some further details:

This is the first Freaks record to reflect a truly collaborative unit, and it sounds like it. In the grand tradition of playfully jammy roots rock, “The Rest” channels heartbreak into an easygoing afternoon lope; think of it as “The Weight” by way of Woods.

Country Agenda’s varied run of 12 tracks continues in that lane. The album is full of adroitly crafted songs fleshed out with delicate organs, vocal harmonies, and twinkling keyboard touches.