Light After the Dark (Vinyl LP)

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Having toured the length and breadth of the nation more than most bands would dare to, there's no more seasoned trio in town than Albi & The Wolves. Fronted by the self-described "proud albino frontman" Chris "Albi" Dent on acoustic guitar, and backed by Pascal Roggen and Micheal Young on electric violin and double bass respectively, the harmonies on display here are second to none. Their brand new album is set to take them to even headier heights, with Light After The Dark seeing the wolfpack expanded to a big band, throwing strings, horns, and more into the party mix. - Flying Out

On their new album, Light After Dark, three-piece Aotearoa indie folk stars Albi & The Wolves add horns, strings and drums for a bigger sound.

Chris Dent (the proud albino front man Albi), Pascal Roggen and Micheal Young are still at the centre here with their acoustic guitar, electric violin, double bass and their three voices, but the sound is more contemporary.

Light After Dark is a breath of fresh Americana air with its hopeful lyrics and soaring string arrangements.


1. Next to Me
2. All I Am
3. Heart On Fire
4. Pitter Patter
5. A Little Time
6. Hope
7. Underpass
8. My Old Friend
9. Scoundrel Dog
10. High In Your Sigh
11. Light After the Dark
12. Clear Blue Eyes
13. Things Don’t Always Go to Plan