Central Plateau


Multi-instrumentalists Kingsley Melhuish and Alan Brown juxtapose natural and manipulated sounds ‘live’ in the studio in their debut release Central Plateau.
A disparate sound palette of brass, conch, percussion, synth, loops, and effects weave together to create evocative, cinematic soundscapes. 

Both well established in the Auckland music scene, Central Plateau represents a departure from the comfort of knowing where one fits in the world.

“As a jazz musician there is pressure to 'find yourself' or 'your voice'” says Brown “whereas with Alargo we are more open to risks and influences which is very exciting and inspiring”.

Taking inspiration from Brian Eno, Aphex Twin to Norwegians Jan Bang and Arve Henriksen; Alargo produce elegant, haunting music with the presence of space a noticeable element. “We are no longer constrained by tempo, melody or form; which enables us to more deeply explore texture and our creative spontaneity,” says Melhuish. 

“While this may be the least 'jazz' thing I've done, it's also the most jazz thing I could do...” Alan Brown