A La Piscina

Vinyl LP
Aias are Gaia, Laia and Miriam. Gaia sings and plays guitar. Laia sings and plays drums. Miriam sings and plays bass. Together, the trio try to make songs for anyone else to sing. Think pop with distortion" lots of “oooohs" and vocal harmonies in a cave with endless ceilings, all sung in their native Catalan (not Spanish, mind you!) What began as a birthday party band turned into being a band for real, or at least that's their current intention. The desire to win in the fight against the instrument itself, the need to shout a bit during the week, a Vivian Girls concert during the Primavera Sound Festival and the providential intervention of Cristian Pallejà (Nisei, Sedaiós) all lead to a homemade recording in a village lost in Catalonia and an unexpected winter signing with the New York label, Captured Tracks.


1. Tu Manes
2. Quan Tornis Demà
3. MÓN Inventat
4. Bali
5. Una Setmana Sencera
6. A la Piscina
7. La Truita
8. Dues Puedres
9. Aias
10. Moto
11. Vine Amb Mi
12. Amunt I Avall