The idea behind AfroCubism was the original concept for the Buena Vista Social Club album of 1997 which featured many of the same Cuban musicians. This original concept however, was thwarted when the Cuban visas for the Malian musicians were delayed in the post and producer Nick Gold instead called on the services of Ry Cooder whom he had recorded with Ali Farka Touré for the 1994 World Circuit release, Talking Timbuktu.The album captures the rhythmic and melodic patterns which are common to traditional West African and Afro-Cuban music.The musicians involved in AfroCubism already had successful careers through participation in the Buena Vista Social Club or as solo artists. The project has subsequently toured around the world as a successful live show.

1. Mali Cuba
2. Al Vaivén De Mi Carreta
3. Karamo
4. Djelimady Rumba
5. La Culebra
6. Jarabi
7. Eliades Tumbao 27
8. Dakan
9. Nima Diyala
10. A la Luna Yo Me Voy
11. Mariama 
12. Para Los Pinares Se Va Montoro
13. Benséma
14. Guantanamera
15. Keme Bourana