Integrated Tech Solutions (White Vinyl 2LP)

White Vinyl 2LP

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Integrated Tech Solutions sees the ever-innovative NYC rapper Aesop Rock hurtling towards the three decade career marker in typically unique and incisive style. Built on the notion that "we cannot be trusted with the stuff that we come up with", these funny-yet-poignant lyrics draw lines directly from the dawn of technology to atom bombs, cigarettes, and surveillance cameras... Using managerial corporate jargon against itself, what a concept for a concept album! Featuring guest appearances from billy woods, Rob Sonic and Hanni El Khatib, it’s a lean and disciplined collection showing Aesop at his best. - Flying Out

On Integrated Tech Solutions-a concept album about an organization offering "lifestyle- and industry-specific applications designed to curate a desired multi-experience"-Aesop Rock wields insidious corporatespeak as a tool to pry the parasitic business culture away from the parts of life that truly matter, while picking apart the charlatan language. On Mindful Solutionism, as the wheel evolves seamlessly into modern agriculture-and then into atomic bombs, cigarettes, and surveillance cameras, Aes sums the spiral up in just a few words: "We cannot be trusted with the stuff that we come up with." The album sounds like the past and future at once.

Largely self-produced, Integrated Tech Solutions catches Aesop Rock at his leanest and most innovative, leveraging Solutionism's careening bounce against the wistful By the River or the slow creep of Salt and Pepper Squid. The effect is a record that sounds itself like an organism growing, mutating, hurtling toward profitability-and then destruction. As fans have come to expect though, Aesop is cuttingly funny and slyly profound at once. 


1. The It's Way
2. Mindful Solutionism
3. Infinity Fill Goose Down
4. Living Curfew
5. Pigeonometry
6. Kyanite Toothpick
7. 100 Feet Tall
8. Salt and Pepper Squid
9. Time Moves Differently Here
10. Aggressive Steven
11. Bermuda
12. By the River
13. All City Nerve Map
14. Forward Compatibility Engine
15. On Failure
16. Solid Gold
17. Vititus
18. Black Snow

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